C.O.S. - LOGISTICS, s.r.o. was established in 2004. Operating on the territory of the Slovak Republic as an agent of CZECHOSLOVAK OCEAN SHIPPING, s.r.o., it forms a part of CZECHOSLOVAK OCEAN SHIPPING GROUP. The company performs wide-ranging activities in the area of maritime and fluvial transport in the international market, covering the following activities: 
- container and conventional transport from/to all destinations worldwide;
- transport of individual consignments;
- comprehensive transport of cargo of abnormal load and of investment units;
- charter of shipping space and of ships;
- ro-ro transport;
- combined transport;
- rail, truck and air transport;
- insurance of goods during transportation;
- consignment movement tracking.
Depending on the needs of our customers, we are trying to “tailor-make” our services, i.e. optimize the carrier selection with the aim to achieve cost-efficiency, the shortest delivery period and top-quality services.
The company is domiciled in Bratislava. Its team consists of experienced workers who have graduated from both Slovak and foreign maritime and transport universities with flying colours, who speak several languages fluently and apply their multi-year experience from the area of transport, logistics and trade.
We are committed to safer transport and logistics using competitive and reliable services.