Vážení zákazníci,
dovolte nám, abychom se vyjádřili k momentální situaci.

Společnosti CZECHOSLOVAK OCEAN SHIPPING GROUP si plně uvědomují vážnost situace spojenou s rizikem onemocnění COVID 19 a snažíme se na ni adekvátně reagovat. Zavedli jsme nezbytná bezpečnostní opatření v souladu s posledním nařízením vlády ČR, ať se to týká opatření na pracovišti nebo kontaktu s klienty.

V současné době jsme připraveni realizovat všechny smluvené i rozjednané zakázky, přijímat nové a pomáhat subjektům, kterým v důsledku celosvětových omezení vypadli dodavatelé, objednávky nebo zaměstnanci.

The company is a privately owned and fully independent company founded in 1999 in the Czech Republic. It belongs to the CZECHOSLOVAK OCEAN SHIPPING GROUP. The company provides services to clients in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as to customers from the international shipping market. Our experienced and innovation oriented staff has acquired its education, to a large extent, in Maritime Colleges. Our team speaks English, Polish, German and Russian and our highly professional qualifications and experience help us satisfy all of our business partners needs.

The core activities of our company are:
  • Shipping – by sea, rail, truck and air,
  • Container shipping worldwide FCL, LCL (door-to-door)
  • Brokering of space / tonnage rent
  • Transport insurance
  • Newbuilding management and vessel sale
  • Consulting

Since 1999, the company has developed very good relationships with an ever-growing group of important customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. To provide the best professional services, we use a network of domestic and foreign agents, shipping companies and business partners. The following five companies are an integral part of the group CZECHOSLOVAK OCEAN SHIPPING GROUP :

C.O.S. - LOGISTICS s.r.o
acts as a general agent of the CZECHOSLOVAK OCEAN SHIPPING s.r.o. for Slovakia and Hungary.

The core activity of SWORDFISH is transport by rail, road, air and sea. Container shipping and transport of piece goods. They offer transport services for goods which require special handling and also IMO transport. Technical consulting.

acts as an agent operating worldwide in the field of sport and cruisers yachts. They organize theoretical and practical training for candidates for the Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence of all levels, necessary to be competent for skipper yachts, pleasure crafts and motorboats on the seas and oceans worldwide.

provides upgrading trainings and courses for Officers and Ratings including STCW78 Manila amended.

Facilitates the buying, selling and rental of new and used containers (naval, storage, office, refrigerated and special) for transport, storage etc. It offers a self-service storage terminal in Senec. Furthermore it offers packing, unpacking, inspection, warehousing and consulting services as well. It also represents the company TAKEUCHI.
By cooperating with us you get:
  • Access to the price list and services of a wide range of carriers of  "all kinds and sizes" (global liner operators, niche carriers and also NVOCC-non vessel operating common carriers), which can help you to get precisely the service and price you need and greatly increases the possibility of loading of your cargo tailored to your needs. The careful and responsible selection of reliable carriers is on top of our list of priorities.
  • Access to a global network of our own agents who will readily and professionally assist your customers abroad.
  • The opportunity to conclude quarterly or half-year price contracts in the field of sea transport, where monthly price quotations currently prevail and there is a trend of constantly rising prices.
  • A proactive approach of our team to your consignments and needs (updates of prices, monitoring of problematic parts of the transport in order to prevent risks of errors and delays, organising "Sea-Air" shipping etc.).
  • Immediate access to individual consulting in the field of transport.
  • Your own customer dedicated professional for customer service (with a backup in case of absence), including 24/7 availability (according to necessity and agreement). Our sales representative will also be at your disposal to the maximum extent possible.
  • The tracking of shipments on our website. It is possible to tailor it to your needs. We are very flexible in the means of communication we use and thus you can use your preferable method (phone, Skype, ICQ, e-mail to an individual or shared address, using your own order formats and your formats for offers to facilitate your regular agenda, etc.).
  • Benefits from cost optimization and time effectiveness (e.g. time of transport, storage, administration). By minimizing the ´operational cliff-hangers´ you will gain more time for your business.